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In school,
they taught me how to read and write.
They taught me how to add numbers
and memorize facts.
They taught me about history
and the origins of my culture.
They taught me biology and chemistry
and the anatomy of the human race.
I learned that there are 206 bones
in my body.
206 bones in a body
that I was never taught how to protect.

No teacher ever told me
to be wary of men
who offered to buy me things,
like alcoholic beverages.
No teacher ever warned me
about handsome, blue-eyed boys
who would tell me not to be scared
when I was terrified.
No teacher ever taught me
that I should not accept a man’s
wandering eyes or hands.
No teacher ever taught a boy
that he should not be that man.
No teacher ever stressed
the importance of a woman’s spoken word:

my teachers sent me
to the principal’s office
for wearing a racer back tank top.
my school’s administrators
banned girls from wearing tight pants
because they were “too distracting.”
girls had to stop wearing shorts
because the boys were never
told to control themselves.
I had to dress demurely and
conservatively so as to not affect
the learning environment of the males.
I was punished for simply being
a female.

206 bones in my body,
and I was never taught that a boy
could easily break any one of them
just to get what he wanted.

I guess that was never in my school curriculum.



Rape Culture

By thoseconstellations

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I am not your stuck door handle,
frozen window pane, or
jammed car trunk.

Don’t you dare use force
when you want me to open up.



DON’T TOUCH ME by k.p.k

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"Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life."

- My mum (via everybodysgotadarkside97)

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"You’re a different human being to everybody you meet."

- Chuck Palahniuk    (via bonlver)

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just a friendly reminder that those are the men who saved our lives

I can’t not reblog this ever.

Milky Way over the Rocky Mountains


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